Help Fix 0x80042109 Outlook Can’t Crash

In this guide, we will cover a few possible reasons that might prevent 0x80042109 Outlook from not working, and then we will describe the possible ways to get rid of this problem.

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    “Send error reported (0x80042109): Outlook is not connecting to your outgoing mail (SMTP) server.” If you received the first error message, it means that internet connection problems are preventing you from properly checking your email for delivery.

    When delivering email to Outlook, you don’t have to worry if Outlook encounters error 0x80042109. You can easily fix this issue with the solutions in this article. Also learn about the root causes of Outlook error.

    0x80042109 outlook cannot

    Read Microsoft’s detailed instructions for fixing Outlook error 0x80042109.

    Part 1: Understanding Outlook Error 0x80042109

    How do I fix error 0x80042109 in Outlook?

    Removing and adding your account.Check your email settings.Always reinstall Outlook on your computer.Try disabling your antivirus software and firewall.Checking your internet connection.Change the output port.Automatic recovery with Stellar Outlook Repair.

    If an Outlook error 0x80042109 occurs, your radio is not receiving your email. The error message displayed when suggesting email through Outlook indicates a mail server failure.

    Unable to login here. This could be due to internet connection issues, or possibly even Outlook freezing for some market participants.

    AudeHowever, our error message does not affect the operation of other programs on our own system.

    Causes MS Outlook Error 0x80042109

    Outlook 2013 error 0x80042109 can lead to anything. Here are some of the most likely:

    Part Two: Seven Methods | How To Fix Outlook Error 0x80042109?

    Now that you know the possible causes of the Microsoft Outlook error 0x80042109, we have found various solutions that can help fix the specific error.

    1. Delete And Add Your Account

    One of the easiest ways to resolve all issues is to delete your account and then add it to Outlook. To actually get the error, follow these simple steps:

    After the reset, add your site, set it up, and wait for some syncs to complete.

    How do you solve Outlook Cannot connect to your outgoing SMTP e mail server?

    Make sure you enable “My SMTP requires authentication” in your Outlook incoming mail server settings.If that doesn’t work, try removing the firewall from the local machine you’re trying to send email from.

    This step completes the process. You can try deleting your email address. If the problem persists, try the following method.

    2. Check Your Mail Check Settings

    How do I fix error code in Outlook?

    1 Check your personal Internet connection.2 Check your Outlook email account settings.3 Delete the suspicious message from your mailbox.4 Check firewall patches and disable email virus scanning.5 Restore yourOutlook, and it could be Outlook Express.

    Now check your Outlook mail settings and make sure that Most SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server) is selected.s). If no server is selected, this may be the reason why Outlook recognizes the 0x80042109 error message. Check and change the settings for the following steps:

    Step 1. Launch Personal Outlook and go to “Account Settings” via “File -> Information”

    How to fix 0x80040900 issues?

    Step re: Find your email account and double-click it as well. Now click “Edit”

    Step 3. Go to “Advanced Settings” by following this tricky path Advanced Settings -> Advanced Settings

    Step 4: Change the port number connected to the outgoing mail server (SMPT) and set most of the encryption to TLS

    If the port number is 25, change it to 587 or vice versa.

    Step 5. Click “OK” then “Finish” after clicking “Next” at the top

    Now restart Outlook and check if any errors persist and if your website can send an email. If the whole error message is still present, don’t wait for the next solution.

    3. Reinstall Outlook On Your PC

    Incorrect installation of Outlook can also be a possible cause of Outlook error 0x80042109. Try installrepeat it by doing the following:

    Once someone clicks Remove, the Outlook instance will be removed from your system

    After the installation is complete, will you reboot the system or see if you can resend the email? If you can install it successfully, the problem is caused by an incomplete installation. However, while you are still getting Microsoft Outlook error 0x80042109, try our own methods.

    4. Try Disabling Your Anti-virus Software, Not To Mention Your Firewall

    Do you have an anti-virus firewall installed on the trial workstation? Send an email after disabling it. Sometimes the antivirus interferes with the laptop or computer, resulting in a permanent error. Although there are no trusted programs in the firewall, sometimes they can appear.

    How do I fix error 0x8004210b?

    1 Make sure you are connected to the Internet and can telnet to the SMTP port number.2 Check your Outlook email account settings.3 Perhaps disable Uninstall Antivirus.4 Install an existing Windows update.5 Try the Outlook Cleanup Tool.

    Step 1: Open Control Panel and also click System and Security

    Step 2: Click Windows Firewall, then click Turn Windows Defender on or off

    0x80042109 outlook cannot

    To deactivate the antivirus, right-click the icon and then select Deactivate. Confirm if the process is completed by pressing – Alt+Ctrl+Delete. No anti-virus process should be running in Task Manager.

    Now try checking your mail from Outlook. If it is sent, it means that the firewall or antivirus program is blocking it. Change the settings in Outlook to be able to send emails and then restart your computer.

    5. Check Your Internet Connection

    Make sure your computer is properly connected to the Internet and has a stable connection. If the connection is not stable, you cannot be sure that you are sending or receiving email.1:

    Step. Restart your modem and router and connect them with a cable.

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    Try forwarding the email if you’re sure the connection is stable.

    6. Change Outgoing Port

    The default connected SMTP port value is 25, so ISPs typically block this value. If this is your case, just sending and receiving emails seems complicated. Solving the problem of sticking to two methods:

    Step 2. Onclick “Account Settings” and double-click your actual email address

    Step 4: Now change the SMTP plugins to 587 and select TLS encryption

    7. Automatic Repair With Outlook Stellar Repair

    If all of the above methods to fix error 0x80042109 don’t work, a fancy Outlook repair tool will surely fix them. The advanced software repairs damaged PST files and helps restore mailboxes to their original state.

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