Best Way To Fix 907 Invalid Cod File Not Found Blackberry 8520

Here are a few simple ways that should help resolve the 907 invalid code file not found Blackberry 8520 issue.

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    1. OneI update:

      I just made a data decision, oh but still not loading. I keep getting the error

      6/17/08 5:39 pm

    2. This could be Andjust like that, no matter what you try d/l
      but not compatible 4 with .5.0.37

      17-06-08 17:42

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      < p> Try the same, but this time export the theme to your PC and try adding it to the Manager via desktop app loader.

      Also can anyone tell us which joomla templates you download from which companies. Someone here almost easily did the same thing.You

      need to use your .


      06-17-08 :56

  • Haha, thanks. You cannot add a .jad file through the application loader. It was created for OTA and could only be.

    IToday I’m trying to download a detailed file and l-theme from

    17-06-08 20:29

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    So do you really think that if I limit my OS to 4.2.2, I will again understand that OTA will work for these themes? Will they work after reinstall version 4.5?

    6/24/08 4:14 pm

  • bump! >Dude, I have this problem, but I take my cell phone with me and I don’t have a personal information plan. What you can do is program a .jad file and put it on your media debit card (via media manager) in a subdirectory (I have it in carddocumentsjad logs) and then run it for you. to your library, then press the Blackberry button and select Explore. and where to investigate it, the man put it. I know it will be for the ok theme on 4.5

    10-07-08 01:17 AM

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