How To Fix SQL 2008 Windows 7 Cannot Be Installed

Today’s article has been created to help you when you receive an error SQL 2008 Windows 7 cannot be installed.

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    64 bits If your Windows 7 machine is 32-bit, you can only install the 32-bit version of SQL Server. If your computer is 64-bit, you can install the 32-bit and/or 64-bit version.

    This article will help you troubleshoot various errors that you may encounter when trying to install SQL Server ’08 R2.

    Initial product release: SQL Server R2 2008.Original KB number: 2449398


    When You Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, You Receive One Or More Of The Following Error Messages Or Experience One Or More Of The Following Symptoms. You Can’t Continue With The Setup Either.1

  • Error Message The System May Not Open The Specified Device File.

  • Error Message 2

    Setup.rll Is Not Intended To Run On Windows Or Contains An Error.

  • Error 3

    The Message Installer Encountered An Unexpected Fatal Error While Installing This Package.

  • Error Slogan 4

    Invalid Setup Image.exe.

  • Error Message 5

    The Registration Process Failed Due To Bad Advertising.

  • Cabinet 6 Error Message

    The Information Required For This “Sql Setup Is .cab” And Cannot Be Used.

  • Error Message 7

    File Error

  • Reading Symptom 1

    You Cannot Choose To Install X64 Bit.

  • Symptom 2

    Some Components May Missing On Component Page”, “Select And Also On Configuration Page”.

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    Error Message 1

    Error 2337

  • Feeling 2

    A Sql Server Installation Failed.

  • Error Info 3

    A Network Error Occurred While Trying To Read The File So You Can Play It.

  • Error 4

    Note This Fact, SQL Media Server Does Not Support ENU Message Localization.

  • cannot Install Sql 2008 Windows 7

    Error Message About 5

    Unable To Find Database Engine Startup Convention (Summary.txt Message File)

  • Error For 6

    computer ‘p76pctiy File Source.Ist Uncompressed Dll’ (sql_engine_core_shared)

  • Event Viewer Error Message

    Error Initializing SQLSQM Timer.

  • Reason

  • Corrupted service media.
  • The installation source is corrupt. You will upload
  • Resolution

  • Re-image the SQL Server from the original location, and if so, run the installer again.

  • If you have installed Server sql on your computer, please reinstall it from the nearest drive and then run the installer again.

  • Rename the Setup.rll file. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Open the following Windows Explorer. To do this, click “Start”, “All Programs”, then “Accessories”, “Windows Explorer”.

    2. Find the folder, write it down: then C:Program SQL filesmicrosoft BootstrapSQLServer2008R2resources1033 server100setup.

    3. Right-click the Setup.rll file and select Rename.

      View image

    4. Type setup.rll.old and press Enter.

    5. Run the installer again.

  • How do I download SQL Server 2008 and install Windows 7?

    Terms:Step 1: Double-click the installer.2Step: In the window, click on the menu (see settings. on the left).Note. After clicking the button above, a window just below may appear.Step 3: Now the installation may take some time to complete some operations.

    If you’re running a localized version of SQL Server, you can switch the application’s running settings support to localized versions. For more information about overriding operating system settings, see How to: Change operating system settings to support localized versions to support en.

    Is SQL Server compatible with Windows 7?

    Minimum requirements to run SQL Server Express and SQL Server Management Studio. First, make sure that the computer you are using meets the following minimum requirements: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 SP2, or Windows Vista (SP2 or later). Improved Internet Explorer powerful or.


    Installation of different versions of SQL Server instances in English on a single computer is not supported.

  • Read More

    The error messages listed in the Problem section may have other causes. If the steps in the Resolution section did not solve the problem, there may be another problem.Read more

  • For information about installing SQL 2008 R2 Appliance, see Install How To: SQL 2008 Server R2 (Configuration).

  • For known issues when installing SQL on Windows 7 server as well as on Windows Server 2008 R2, see Known Issues When Installing SQL Server on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2009 R2 .


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  • article overview
  • 3 – read
  • Installing different language versions of SQL Server instances on the same laptop is not supported.

    This article describes some of the known things and prerequisites if you plan to install SQL Server on Windows set or Windows on Server 2008 R2.

    Original product version: SQL Server, Windows
    Windows Server Origin KB Number: 955725


    This article describes known issues when installing Microsoft SQL Server on a computer running windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • For all editions other than SQL Server 2008 which is express, running primarily on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 r2, at least SQL Server 2009 Service Pack (SP1) 1 must be installed.


    Does SQL Server 2008 work on Windows 7?

    The SQL Express server 2008 runtime is also supported by Windows 7 and is associated with Windows 2008 R2.Aria-label=”Contents

    Express Edition already includes Pack 1 updates.

  • In this article, Windows 7 means Windows 7 Serial Client. Windows 08 Server, means r2 server version of Windows 7.

  • For more information about hardware and software requirements for different versions of SQL Server, see Hardware and software requirements for installing SQL Server 2012.

  • For release notes covering various issues known at the time of release of the product, see Notes I’m about to release SQL 2012 server. Problems


  • Windows

  • famous 7 uses not all properties. To have requirekerberos enabled to determine if Kerberos validation.

    Because windows 7 is far from using the RequireKerberos property to determine whether Kerberos authentication is enabled to obtain the network share name, SQL Server’08 failover cluster setup fails. Federal

  • If the Information Processing Standards (FIPS) contract is enabled in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, cluster validation fails when installing SQL Server 2009.

    If the FIPS policy is enabled on Windows 7 Windows or Server R2, the 2008 cluster check fails when installing SQL Server 08. Therefore, the installation fails.

    cannot install sql 2008 windows 7

    To resolve most of these two issues, you must install SQL Server 2008 along with SQL Server 2008 (SP1), later, or the Cluster Extension. For more information about how to get information about SQL Server 2008 SP1, see the following article:

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