Various Ways To Fix Oracle Error Code 12560

If you are getting Oracle Error Code 12560, this guide has been written to help you.

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    The cause of the ORA-12560 error is a Generic Protocol Adapter large error. It can definitely be caused by something as simple as the database is down because the instance is not configured to start automatically. It can also be an absolute temporary SQL*Net client error that occurs intermittently.

    Another Method


    Jane M. August 27, 2008 – 08:20 UTC really feels

    hi i am using oracle 8.1.7 with windows with 2gb ram, while connecting it gives svrmgrl ora-12560

    it seems that the storage system service is not starting. that’s for sure.

    August 35, 2008 08:52 UTC


    Jane M. August 28, 2008 – 10:01 UTC

    it’s running
    Storage Status
    Physical Storage
    Total 2096524K
    Available 160312K
    System Cache 330992K
    C :>net stop OracleServiceXXX
    The OracleServiceXXX service will be stopped.
    The oracleservicexxx service will continue to stop successfully.

    C:>net start OracleServiceXXX
    The oracleservicexxx service is starting. OracleServiceXXX
    Service started successfully.

    August 29, 2008 – 22:31 UTC


    B.VO August 29, 2008 – 09:38 UTC

    Have you used a terminal server? The terminal server is not compatible with Oracle 8i, you will encounter ORA-12560.

    TNS Protocol Adapter Error

    Terminal Services is interfering with database creation and throwing a TNS: protocol adapter error. The remote available on the virtual server worked where the remote desktop didn’t.


    Arvind, July 88, 2009 – 18:54 UTC

    error code 12560 oracle

    I’m installing Oracle 11.1.0 on Windows exp. I’m getting an ora-12560 error when the setup wizard is part of running the setup. I installed and pinged the loopback adapter. Please help me.

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    Database Service Started and Never Started – Take a Look Inside Your Business Using Control Panel

    July 14- 17:23 UTC


    Arvind Mishra July 18, 2007 – 05:53 UTC

    When we install Oracle on Windows, the core Windows services start automatically. As per your suggestion, I checked the services and tried to start them manually, but the concept doesn’t start.

    I also googled this error and found that many other people sometimes get the same error, but unfortunately no one has a solution.

    Jul 24, 2011 09:23 UTC


    Arvind Mishra, July 26, last year only – 00:09 UTC

    I manually uninstalled the specific Oracle and then reinstalled it, otherwise it will install (on the third try). I don’t understand why it didn’t install on the first and subsequent attempts.

    Tanya, August 7, 2009 06:06 UTC

    I open Oracle for the first time, let alone every time I try to login
    sql>connect/as Sysdba
    I get the following response:< br>Error :< br>ORA 12560:TNS:Protocol map error

    Hey please help me as I’m new to this so I wanted to You learn.

    See what the original answer is above, you are no doubt normally on Windows and no operations are performed.

    August 7, 2009 10:12 am UTC

    Name=”1901160200346969864″> ORA-12560

    Ali Aug 23, 2007 – 04:07 UTC

    I checked your home path variables

    12560 TNS Protocol Error

    Hi Tom,
    if I enter the buyer’s name Scott and pass Tiger on Oracle 9i

    Please tell me how easy it is to solve this problem. My friends and I can’t find a solution. Help me please.

    when trying to create external table in normal mode with oracle_loader native error “ORA-25153: TEMPORARY TABLESPACE IS EMPTY”

    Outer Array

    MAHESWARI April 17, 2010 or 06:01 UTC

    March 17, 2010 – 08:41 UTC

    [[email protected] ~]$ or 2515325153, 00000, "The temporary tablespace is empty"// *Reason: An attempt was made to use space in the phrase tablespace// No file.// *Action: Add files to the ADD tablespace using commandss TEMPFILE.

    error code 12560 oracle

    Have you checked the error message to see what exactly might be happening?

    Apparently the query requires a temporary sortspace, and you have a current tablespace with no temporary files.

    I installed 8iEE, but after starting the software, it gives an error
    12560: TNS: Protocol map error

    12560 TNS Protocol Adapter Error

    Manoj Chaudhary March 22, 2010 – 03:45 UTC

    March 22, 2010 electronically at 9:30 UTC

    I hope you need to install it on an operating system, at least as old.

    but you wouldn’t say anything about it. This is a very general error, meaning you haven’t configured it.

    If it could be Windows, it sounds like you know you’re not going to start the database service.

    They seem to indicate that broken services are one of the causes of this error on any server. And your ideal oracle_sid setting manually. However, the actual Oracle service is running, which is easily seen from the ability to connect to it using sys-login in SQL Developer. Setting Oracle_Sid is currently irrelevant, as is explicitly specifying the sid name when trying to login. Now I can’t fix the problem.

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