Solutions For Ford Explorer P1400 Error Code

It is worth reading these fixing methods when ford Explorer trouble code p1400 error appears on your computer.

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    oftenIt is called the EGR pressure sensor. Disconnect the battery, install the part, let the battery disconnect for about 10 minutes, and once you reconnect it, the check engine light should always be off.

    |Code P1400 FORD Called

    What does engine code P1400 mean?

    DTC: p1400 Cold Start Control Emissions System. Description of the scheme/system. Catalytic converter heating is essential if you want to effectively reduce emissions. The best starting strategy is to reduce catalyst warm-up time.

  • Electronic Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor harness considered open or shorted
  • Malfunction of the electrical circuit of the differential pressure feedback sensor
  • Nelectronic differential pressure sensor failure
  • |How To Fix Code P1400 FORD?

    Start by deciphering the “Possible Causes” listed above. Visually inspect the associated wiring and connectors. components Check for leaks and look for broken, bent, misaligned, or corroded connector pins.

    |code Notes For P1400 FORD

    Where is the DPFE sensor located on a Ford Explorer?

    The 2005 Ford Explorer 4.0 DPFE sensor is located entirely behind the upper intake between the software manifold and the engine block near the EGR valve. The Differential Pressure Feedback Exhaust Sensor or DPFE sensor is part of most automotive Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems.

    A Factory Service Bulletin is available for the following Ford models:

    ford explorer p1400 error code

    Ford Taurus 2000-2002
    2001-2002 Crown Ford Victoria
    Ford Focus 2001-2002
    Ford Mustang 2001-2002
    Ford Explorer 2001 USPS
    2001-2002 Ford E
    Ford Escape Series 2001-2002
    Ford Expedition 2001-2002
    2001-2002 Ford Explorer Track
    2001-2002 Sport Ford Explorer Sport
    Ford F-150 2001-2002
    Ford Ranger 2001-2002
    2001-2002 Ford Windstar
    Ford Explorer 2002-2003
    Ford P1400 Factory Service Bulletin Code OBDII Code

    |How Much Does It Cost To Recognize The Code FORD P1400

    Work: 1.0

    The requirement for P1400 diagnostics in the FORD directive is 1.0 operating hours. Autodiagnostic repair times and labor costs vary by location, vehicle make and model, and even the type of truck you own.zovik. Most auto repair shops have a flat rate of $75 to $150 per day.

    |When Will FORD ECU P1400 Be Recognized?

    |What Are The Possible Symptoms Of The P1400 FORD Code?

  • Engine light on (or Service Engine Soon warning light)
  • |What Does The Code P1400 FORD Mean?

    The purpose of this engine’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is to limit the oxides leading to any nitrogen (NOx) emissions. This is achieved by passing a small amount of rear exhaust gases through the overhead intake to mix with the charge/fuel air. The resulting dilute air/fuel mixture (i.e., less oxygen cubic foot) burns at lower temperatures and has correspondingly lower combustion chamber inlet temperatures, which stabilizes NOx emissions.The Ford DPFE/egr system is likely controlled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The system uses an EGR valve, an electronic vacuum regulator (EVR) and an EGR differential pressure test (DPFE) sensor.
    The DPFE sensor directs the EGR flow through an orifice that is in theWorks with the EGR inner tube. there is a hole between two fittings of a pipe leading to the garden, which can be connected to the DPFE alarm with special heat-resistant pipes. When part of the EGR valve is created opens, a forced difference across the orifice (back pressure in the intake manifold. Pressure in the exhaust pipe). By design, this measured voltage difference is determined by the sensor voltage Als dpfe. The output of the DPFE voltage signal at Is directly pcm is proportional to the emission of exhaust gases entering the intake manifold.

    3 Answers

    2002 Ford Explorer 4×4 – 283,000 miles – V8 Towing Package (4.6 -L?). “Service Time

    Some of the check engine light was on. It caught fire while we were towing our 15-foot camper.

    The error code reads: “P1400 EGR Differential Pressure Feedback Circuit Low Input”. Can anyone translate this into a normal user language?

    I do not believe, our local diFord dealership has been scammed by them in the past. Before taking the car anywhere, I want to know what the problem is.

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    ford explorer p1400 error code

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