Tips For Resolving Gdmsetup Gtk Warning Failed To Open Display

In some cases, your system may return a message stating that gdmsetup gtk-warning cannot open the screen. This problem can have many causes.

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    GTK warning On a 64-bit system, you may see the following message: Your operating system has been pre-validated by Launchpad. If you see this message, it means you don’t have the full 32-bit version of the library or gtk installed on your own server, this library has the wrong version.

    Recorded: December 21, 2008
    Messages: 453

    WARNING**: Gtk Cannot Be Opened [SOLVED]

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    I just installed Openbox and am experimenting with it. I can’t place a sign. I have already defined lxpanel, fbpanel, plank, but every time I try to run them from a shared terminal, I alone get the same error messages. Firefox, Leafpad, Terminal are fine, they start up, I just can’t get the panels to work. Any idea how to solve this ~]$ problem?

    How do you solve a GTK warning?

    Make sure Cygwin/XServer is running installed, not to mention that it’s running.Make sure the DISPLAY variable often lands set in the shell environment.Even better, include someone else’s code to define the environment, the DISPLAY aspect, in the source code.

    [[email protected] fbpanel(fbpanel:688): Gtk WARNING: Failed to open panel:[[email protected] ~]$ 

    gdmsetup gtk-warning cannot open display

    [[email protected] Board[INFO~]$19:09:21.484514] [AbstractMain:170] Sheet version: 0.7.1[INFO 19:09:21.484627] [AbstractMain:171] Kernel selection: from 3.17.6-1-ARCH[INFO 19:09:21.484704] [AbstractMain:172] GLib version: 2.42.1[INFO 19:09:21.484784] [AbstractMain:173] GTK+ version: 3.14.6[INFO 19:09:21.484850] [AbstractMain:175] + 19:09:21 hidpi support enabled[INFO.484915] [AbstractMain:177] Wnck version: 3.4.9[INFO 19:09:21.485001] [AbstractMain:178] 1 Cairo version:.14.0[INFO 19:09:21.485081] [AbstractMain:179] Pango version: 1.36.8Initializing on server Unable to connect: Unable to connect 19:09:21: Rejected[warn.493039] [Gtk] does not open display:[[email protected] ~]$ 

    After running this application (XQuartz x11 2.3.6, xorg-server 1.4.2-apple56) connected to my Mac 10 x (os.6.8) and opening a terminal in x11 which additionally + , xhost I used my ssh -Y on an Ubuntu 10.04 VM (VMware on Fusion). When I run (for example) gedit.bashrc I get:

    (gedit:9510): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to access: show if

    but I ssh -Y on a machine with Ubuntu 11.04, gedit .bashrc works. $DISPLAY echo will return "localhost:10.0".

    How do you fix Xhost Cannot open display?

    Allow clients to connect to xhost+ from any type of hostenable X11 transfer.Open applications in a graphical interface that is frequently hosted.

    I tried export DISPLAY=localhost:10.0 .while .sshed .in .my .VM .and .then .walking .gedit ..bashrc but I get :

    (gedit:9625): Gtk WARNING: Failed to open localhost: 10 mapping:.0

    What can often differ in the configuration of two different Ubuntu machines that most explains why one works, let alone the other?

    Update: As just suggested by Zoredache in the comment below, sudo apt-get install ran xbase-clients but unfortunately I still have the problem.

    # specific


    3, them

    gdmsetup gtk-warning cannot open display

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