What Is How To Disable The Start Menu In Windows XP And How To Fix It?

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    Recently, some users have reported to us that they have learned how to disable the Windows XP Start Menu.

    How do I change the Start menu in Windows XP?

    To do this, now click on the Start tab in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box. This dialog box allows you to choose whether you want to use the Windows XP Start Menu or the Classic Start Menu. You can also change it to your liking by hovering over the Customize button.

    Home network » » Windows XP start menu registry settings

    /* wayne author=”” href=”Wayne Maples“>Wayne Maples*//*Wayne Maples*/Released March 23, 2004,

    You will most likely be using the commercially available group policy editor, gpedit.msc, to manage the XP boot menu

    You can also install them directly through a specific registry using the registry key:

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    Windows registry entries on your computer have a DWORD value. The value 1 is included and is the ideal value
    from 0 disabled:

    • Policy: Disable new simple start menu
      Description: Disable all new features
      simple boot menu and forced new classic boot menu.
      Write value: NoSimpleStartMenu
    • Policy: Deleting Pinned Appsamm from start menu report

      Description: Removes the list of pinned programs from the Start plan. Also
      remove internet and email checkboxes from start menu customizationset
      Value entry:


    • Policy: Remove frequently saved programs from the start menu

      Description: Removes some commonly used program lists from the start menu.

      Registry value:


    • Policy: Remove more programs from the list of launch options
      Description: Removed
      programs from the “More” list of each of our Start menus.
      Registration values: Color=”blue”>NoStartMenuMorePrograms
    • Policy: Remove common program groups from the start menu
      Description: Removed
      Entries in the All Users profile from the Other Programs list on the Start menu.

      Registry value:


    • Policy: gray is not available. Windows Program Specialist Start Menu Shortcuts
      how to disable the start menu in windows xp

      Description: Displays partially installed Internet programs in gray font on the start screen
      Record value:


    • ByPolicy: Disable links to Windows Update and remove
      Description: Removed
      the “Windows Update” link in the “Other Programs” list on the Start menu, and
      the Tools menu in IE and prevent users from accessing windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

      Registry value:


    • Policy: Remove home folders from most start menus
      Description: Remove everything
      custom folders in addition to “My Documents” (“My Pictures”, “My Music”, “Favorites” and
      Recent Documents) in the Start menu. Also removes associated checkboxes
      from the Powerline Personalization start menu.
      Record value: it’s a combination
      of the following: NoStartMenuMyMusic , NoSMMyPictures , NoFavoritesMenu ,
      No RecentDocsMenu
    • Policy: Prevent smokers from changing home folder paths

      Description: Prevents browsers from switching from the main path My Pictures, My
      Music, Favorites, and Recent Documents folders.
      Entry value:

      DisableMyPicturesDirChange equals DisableMyMusicDirChange , DisableFavoritesDirChange.

    • Policy: Delete my documents from a folder in the entire start menu

      DescriptionNote: Removes my documents from the start menu and file
      the corresponding checkbox with personalization of the PLC start menu.

      Value: color=”blue”>NoSMMyDocs

    • Policy: Prevent users from changing the “My Documents” path

      Description: prevent users from specifying the path to “My Documents”


    • Policy: Remove “Recent Documents” from Start Menu
      Description: Removed
      Recent Documents folder in the Start menu. Even the indents match
      Check the box next to Powerline Start Menu Customization.
      Record value: NoRecentDocsMenu
    • Policy:Maximum number of recently used documents
      The number of cut corners displayed in the latest submenu PDFs.
      Value: MaxRecentDocs
    • Policy: Clear history of all recent documents
      Description: Clear all
      Optimal keyboard shortcuts in the Recent Documents menu when a user logs out.

      How do I block the Start menu?

      To disable the Start menu that appears in Windows, hover your mouse over the portion of the Start bar at the bottom of the screen, right-click, and select Properties. On the touch screen Properties, selectClick the Start tab. You will then see some checkboxes that allow you to disable the Windows 10 Start Menu.

      Registry value:


    • Politics: oudRemove Start menu favorite item
      Description: Deny users
      prevent these favorites from being added to the original version. Even the indents match
      Checkboxes of all PLC start menu settings.
      Registration value: NoFavoritesMenu
    • Policy: Remove my computer from the start menu in any way
      Description: Remove my
      computer item in the start menu and the corresponding checkbox in the start menu
      PLC menu setting.
      Value entry: Color=”blue”>20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesNonEnum.
    • Policy: Remove network connections from the start menu
      how to disable the start menu in windows xp

      Description: Removes the item “Network Connections” from the menu “Start” and
      caused by the start menu settings cpl flag.

      No network connection

    • Policy: Remove Network Neighborhoods from Start Menu
      Description: Removes the Places element from the original composition and the corresponding flag from
      Adaptation of the PLC start menu.
      Registration value: NoStartMenuNetworkPlaces
    • Policy: Do not add recent shared documents to the online neighborhoodDefinition

      Description. Remote shared folders are not added to network places if
      You open a lead entry in a public folder.
      Record value:


    • Policy: Remove help item from start menu
      Description: Remove help
      through the start menu, but does little to prevent the help files from launching.

      Registry value:


    • Policy: Remove search item directly from start menu
      Description: Remove search
      The item is generated by the Start menu and disables a number of Windows Explorer search items.

      Registry value:


    • Policy: Delete start menu object execution
      Description: Delete capability
      run suggestions using the “Run” option in their start menu, task manager, or using
      Press Winkey + R. Also removes some related checkboxes from PowerLine start menu
      Record value: NoRun
    • Policy: Add the “Run in separate memory” search field to the “Run” dialog box

      How do I disable startup programs on Windows XP?

      Click Task Manager. Open the Home tab. You should now see a list associated with every program that starts when Windows boots. To prevent the platform from launching at startup, simply right-click on it and choose Disable.

      Description: Allows you to run 16-bit channels on a fully validated DOS virtual machine
      Write value:


    • Council. Don’t use the current search method when resolving source skin labels

      Description: Prevents the system from performing deep searches
      target drive to cure shortcut a.
      Write value:


    • Council. Don’t use a tracking approach to resolve

      Does Windows XP have a Start menu?

      You bring up the entire Start menu by clicking the Start button, which sits proudly in the bottom left corner of your personal screen. As you can see in fig. 3.8, the Windows XP start menu consists of two columns of icons. Rice. 3.8 Access several programs on your system directly from the start menu.

      wrapper linksDescription: Prevents the device from using the NTFS features for self-healing.
      Write value: Color=”blue”>NoResolveTrack

    • Policy: Force Quit Start Menu
      Description: Force Logout
      button to start a diet, and prevents users from removing a specific disable setting from

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