Solving Problem With PHP CLI Error Log Location

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    An error message may appear indicating the location of the php CLI error log. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will come back to this in a bit.

    php cli error log location

    Set Up The Logrotate.d Script.

    This should be the case for now, but since I don’t want to miss any controller related logs, I’m going to implement logrotate.d to catch php_errors .log . Create a folder called php-cli in /etc/logrotate. Similar to d/:

    Use The Specific Ini_get Function.

    The path to the PHP error log is stored in the Perl .ini configuration file. However, instead of opening up part of the up.ini file and no doubt finding the error_log directive, you can simply start using the ini_get function like this:

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    Our sample PHP log file Project

    research project to discuss in my article, we are taking the Symfony Standard as a working project and therefore implementing it on Debian Wheezy with rsyslogd, nginx and PHP-FPM.


    Luke (User)

    Reviewed a year ago

    How do I view php logs?

    As many answers already posted show, any smart starting point is the output from phpinfo(). To see it, create a PHP file built from it:

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