Solution For Win32 Error In Create File – All Channel Instances Are Busy

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    If you notice a win32 error in createfile – all channel instances are busy, this blog post might help.

    I write to the said advice and re-read everything. Consider the following small set of code (error handling removed for brevity):

    const for char * pipeName equals ".pipepipe";const char * buffWrite = "SOME TEXT";unsigned buffLength = strlen(buffWrite);charbuffRead[1024] ;DWORD nWrite, nRead;HANDLE hPipe = CreateNamedPipe(pipe name,PIPE_ACCESS_DUPLEX, PIPE_TYPE_BYTE | PIPE_READMODE_BYTE | PIPE_WAIT, PIPE_UNLIMITED_INSTANCES, 1024, 0, 768, 0);HANDLE hFile = CreateFile(pipeName, GENERIC_WRITE, 3, 0, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, 0);WriteFile(hFile, buffWrite, buffLength, &nWritten, 0);CloseHandle(hFile);//Next line doesn't work, reason enough to keep >>All channel instances busy.<

    Even though I try to reopen the channel for reading, the CreateFile call fails with the message "All channels are busy".

    DWORD nRead, nLeft;PeekNamedPipe(hPipe, nTotal, buffRead, buffLength, &nRead, &nTotal, &nLeft);

    win32 error in createfile - all pipe instances are busy

    NOTE.It's the concept of a proof associated with something bigger. No new positions or processes will be involved.

    Bill Holt


    Sep 29 04:37:48 AM9/29/08 2008

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    I'm working on a Pipe Server process & Client The channel server is asynchronous and multi-threaded, I used the following approach to create the

    // The following code is inside the Run() method and points to the server's thread class
    ZeroMemory( &ol , sizeof(OVERLAPPED));
    HANDLE hArray[2];
    hArray[0] = ol.hEvent = CreateEvent(NULL, TRUE, FALSE, NULL);
    hArray[ 1] = m_hStopEvent; // global stop event

    The _beginthreadex part isn't that hard, so it passes hServerPipe as the
    parameter, which allows the created thread to process it Client code

    // The code below is in the thread
    // The client starts multiple clothes to send requests to the server< br>HANDLE hPipe = CreateFile (m_szServerName, GENERIC_READ|GENERIC_WRITE,0,NULL,
    if(hPipe && hPipe != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)< br>
    ZeroMemory( &ol, sizeof (COVERAGE));
    ol.hEvent = CreateEvent(NULL, TRUE, FALSE, NULL);
    BOOL bResult is WriteFile(hPipe,szPipeQuery ,szPipeQuery.GetLength(),
    &cbBytes , &ol) ;
    just in case (!bResult && GetLastError() == ERROR_IO_PENDING)
    bResult = GetOverlappedResult(hPipe, &ol, &cbBytes, TRUE);

    // at this point is part of reading pipeline server responses
    // done with And readfile GetOverlappedResult with parsing
    // break the loop when the content is fully fetched
    // that might be a bug this happened

    win32 error in createfile - all pipe instances are busy

    Here's my own problem. The server runs for 35 requests and sometimes 200
    requests. Is random. After that, when
    CreateFile is done, the client gets error 231. The actual client code handles our error and makes 2 attempts.
    But after a certain point, our client still gets error 231 when he needs to login. At this point, I saw in the server trace messages that the master server was successfully processing previous requests and waiting for new connections
    . If the client receives 231, the host is actually in the
    WaitForMultipleObjects state and hence the hServerPipe was created successfully.

    In particular, this may be due to a bug in the program that I don't have It was. t published. But it was very difficult for me to debug. The Can server successfully handles several tons of requests. There are no accounting errors. ANDsuddenly the client just can't lift anymore. If I have an update instance of client
    . It can even get 231. Looks like the server has been dead for a long time

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