Solutions For Windows 2008 R2 Event ID 5145

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    You may encounter an error code showing Windows 2008 r2 Event ID 5145. Coincidentally, there are several ways to fix this issue, and we’ll get back to them shortly. This is the only event in the Verbose File Sharing subcategory that is new in Windows 2008 Release 2 and therefore Windows 7. This event logs each file sharing service and indicates the reason why it was authorized or not, depending on the connection to study the results.

    Event ID 5145 – The Network Share Object Was Checked To Determine If The Client Can Access The Requested Access

    What is network share object?

    5140 The entry network object was accessed. Windows logs this event when you first authorize a specific network share during a specific logon session. Note why Windows Server 2008 disconnects site connection sessions even earlier than Windows versions have for many years.

    Event 5145 is logged when accessing a shared website object (file or folder) is normal. If access is denied at startup at the share level, this is considered an error event. Other than that it was a complete success. The # event is fired literally when access is denied at the NTFS level.

  • Security identifier
  • Name

  • account
  • account domain
  • Login ID
  • Object type
  • Source address
  • Source port
  • Share Name
  • Share path
  • Relative target name
  • Access mask
  • Hits
  • Why Track Event Id 5145?

    What is event ID 5145?

    Event ID 5145 – A network share object was checked to determine if the client couldent to get the requested access.

  • To make sure the source address is in our internal IP address range
  • Do not connect to certain computers owned by other users.
  • To track the inadvertent release of important files or versions and trackNo attempts to access certain files.
  • To ensure that only trusted accounts attempt to access certain files
  • To monitor access request information for WriteData, AppendData, AddFile, WriteEA, DeleteChild, WriteAttributes, DELETE, WRITE_DAC, WRITE_OWNER access rights
  • Hint:

    What is the event ID for failed logon?

    Introduction. Event ID 4625 (displayed in the Windows Event Viewer) logs and documents each failed attempt to connect to the local computer. This piece is generated directly on that computer where there was an attempt of connection. A related event, Event ID 4624, documents successful logons.

    ADAudit Plus audits all Windows File Server and File Share custom events to help you meet health, safety, operations, and compliance requirements without question.

    Event ID 5145
    Category Object Access: Verbose File Sharing
    Type Success check

  • Windows 2008 R2 and 7
  • Windows 2012 R2 and 8.1
  • Windows 2016 then 10
  • Description

    Event ID 5145 is controlled by the Verbose File Sharing Audit security policy setting, which allows you to attempt to access files and folders with ring folders in the file share.folder. Detailed File Sharing Setup logs the feature each time a file or file is accessed and includes details about permissions or other important criteria used to grant or deny access.

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    Note. Event 5145 – Detailed file share auditing is only available on Windows 2008 R2 and later/Windows 7 and later.


  • Example source for event 5145
  • How to find the shared path, local path, and source computer name
  • Enable verbose auditing of file shares (Event ID 5145) using Auditpol.
  • How to enable verbose auditing of file shares (event 5145) using Group Policy
  • Disable/stop verbose monitoring of file shares (event 5145)
  • Event Source Example 5145

    windows 2008 r2 event id 5145

    This is the source of an example race (5145) obtained by renaming (renaming action) New Text Document.txt

    Log name: SecuritySource: Microsoft Windows Security Audit.Date: 2013-10-29 13:43:34Event ID: 5145Task category:Detailed file sharingTags: examComputer: MyfileServer.myDomain.localDescription:The referenced network entity has been checked to determine if the target can gain the requested access. An object: SID: myDomainAdministrator Account name: Administrator Account domain: myDomain Login ID: 0x37d7fNetwork information: Object type: File Source address: fe80::7053:e964:a753:6842 Source port: 32953 Share information: Share Name: *Share Shared path: ??C:share Relative Name: Target TestNew Text Document.txtAccess Request Information: Access mask: 0x110080 Access: DELETE    SYNCHRONIZE    Readtributes    Access check results: DELETE: All provided D:(A;OICI;FA;;;WD)    SYNC: provided by D:(A;OICI;FA;;;WD)    Read attributes: provided by D:(A;OICI;FA;;;WD)

    How To Enable Verbose Auditing Of A File Share (Event ID 5145) Using Auditpol

    Auditpol.exe is a command binding utility that allows you to change audit security settings as a location for categories and subcategories. It is available by default for Windows R2, andthen for versions / Windows 7 and later. By cooperating with Auditpol, we can get/set audit security settings for computers at the user level and at this level.

    windows 2008 r2 event id 5145

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