Problems With The Windows 8 Start Menu Should Be Resolved

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    You may find an error displayed in the windows 8 Start Menu Style. There are several steps you can take to fix this issue, so we will cover that shortly. Open the menu by clicking start, or win by clicking start johnson. (In a classic shell, the start screen can look pretty like a shell.) Click Programs, then Shell, then Classic Start Menu Settings. Click the Start Menu Style tab and/or make any necessary changes.

    3. December 2017 Classic Is No Longer In Development

    windows 8 start menu style

    After 8 years, I decided to stop developing Shell Classic. The latest version of the source code is published by SourceForge at. Read more here.

    12. August 2017 – General 4.3.1 Released

    It officially supports Creators Update for Windows 10. Learn more here.

    30. July 2016 – General Version 4.3.0 Released

    It officially supports Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Read more here.

    22. May 2016 . . . Beta Version 4.2.7 Is Really Out

    Can you make Windows 8.1 look like 7?

    With free or expensive utilities out of the reach of home users, Windows 8.1 could make them more like today’s Windows 7.y, which nevertheless destabilized this operating system for users of recent versions of Windows. You may only need to update through Windows Update to get these differences.

    QFE fix for a crashing bug in beta 4.2.6 that does not affect Windows 10 32-bit.

    21. Beta VersionMay 2016 – Version 4.2.6 Available

    This and support for improved Windows Redstone, 10 additional taskbar skins, menu animations and many new features. Read more here. Started

    How do I make Windows 8 Start menu look like Windows 10?

    Press windows I to open the Settings app. you click on the appropriate category “Personalization” on the main page. Select the Start tab on the left. On the right side, enable the “Use loading screen” full toggle.

    Microsoft phased out the Start menu after they ended Windows 7. They permanently removed the Windows 8 Start menu and replaced it with a Start screen that was truly full screen. After much outcry from Windows users around the world Microsoft has added a small Start Menu to Windows 8. But 1, many users have been dissatisfied and have opted for alternatives such as the classic Start Menu. Windows 10 removed the start screen from which they added it to Windows 8.x. But again, the full screen loading test has been restored in newer versions of 10 windows.

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    To support the Windows 8 Start screen on Windows 10:

    1. Click the icon and “Start” select “Settings”. Most likely, you will also use the keyboard shortcut Win+I.
    2. Select And then change Start.Size=”(max-width: jpg
    3. Click the “Launch” button next to “Use Home Screen” to activate the Home Screen.
    4. Close all open windows and tap/click the Start button to return to the home 8 start menu style

      Thumbnails are displayed on the home screen and you can tap or click on run the corresponding applications or programs. Or you can switch the home screen to see a list of all connected programs or applications. You can easily view these applications by entering the full or partial name of the main application or program. If you don’t want to see Start-Last full screen, instead of making these instructions too natural, you can drag the edges of the Start area and resize it to suit your needs. Start Du

      One of the Windows menus was clearly almost the most controversial. The classic start menu has been completely removed by Windows 8.1. Whatever Microsoft wanted, Screen Launch was the most natural option available to users, and this situation achieved that goal. Thousands of PC fans would say that the Start menu offers a leaner and more organized list of programs and files.

      In Windows 7, if you press the key once, the Windows 8 menu will open several times. Simple 1 and repeat next. But in Windows 8. Technique 1, Emotional Freedom, this key repeatedly switches between the metro style of the current app and yours home screen.

      How do I change the Start menu in Windows 8?

      Right from the start, Windows 8.offers 1 sort of dedicated Start screen customization button that allows you to customize your Various options. Right-click anywhere on the home screen to display the app drawer, and then click the Customize button. You can even right-click on any thumbnail to open the current setup view.+

      There are free, cheap, and other programs to restore some of the Start menus on the desktop with names like StartIsBack, Start8, Power8, Pokki, or startw8 Shell classic. Before using a lot of programs to disable the splash screen and add a boot menu, it’s important to better understand that this is only a temporary solution to a real problem.


      If you like the 8-windows suite, it’s 1-menu-start-complete, looks exactly like it did in Windows 7. StartIsBack is a small app that gives you the ability to remap our classic “Start” button and taskbar Windows 8.1. Startisback is a completely lightweight, no-privilege, cheap and honest fast, and stable program. In fact, they respond to keystrokes and computer mouse commands.


      Pokki is a free program that allows users to launch many of the old features of the new Windows Start Menu with a single button. Pokki Start Choice also gives you hundreds of free desktop apps, and mmorpgs is an app store that you can install on your, and then it will be automatically pinned to the taskbar for easy and convenient search. You can add Pokki widgets like gmail or Facebook that show their emails or status updates.

      Classic Shell

      classic is a powerful application that will teach you how to access countless options to modify your operating system. Customizable start menu with several styles combined with Des à skins. The classic shell, designed as an extension for Vista, is presented in a full, feature-packed version of the 8 windows boot selection app.

      How do I change my start menu back to normal?

      Always right-click on the taskbar and select Properties.Select the Start menu tab.enable or disable “Use this start menu instead of home screen”.Press and “Logout, Settings” “Change. You need to log in again to get the new menu.

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