How To Fix Windows Update Service 100 Processor

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    If you have windows Update Service 100 CPU installed on your computer, I hope this blog post will help you. When people’s power supply fails (laptop power cord, entire desktop power supply), it can automatically turn on your processor to conserve power. When underpowered, each CPU can only run at a reasonable fraction of its full power, increasing the likelihood this manifestation due to 100% CPU usage in Windows 10.

    Earlier this month, Microsoft and Intel released new updates for Windows 10. Although the ten-window update seemed to bring a number of fixes, it often resulted in a serious performance issue that caused users to notice heavy CPU usage when performing common tasks and FPS drops in games.

    windows update service 100 cpu

    Customers have reported spikes in CPU usage after two updates were delivered this month: Windows 10 December and then Driver intel Software & Assistant Tool update.

    In case any Windows 10 KB4592438 is at risk, uninstalling the update as well should fix everything. Meanwhile, there is another high CPU usage error that is almost certainly caused by the Intel Driver & Software Assistant Tool (DSA).

    A user is complaining on Reddit that their PC is now suffering from incredibly high usage and CPU which is definitely a crashing process I am DSAService.

    DSAService is part of the Intel PC Software Update Tool for Windows 10 and can run, often causing high CPU usage for some users.

    windows update service 100 cpu

    “I’m crazy about this topic. High disk usage and CPU… I couldn’t even stream video. I uninstalled the program,” reads one thread. Reddit by im.

    The problem could be caused by an update (DSAService from dsaservice.Which exe) definitely and will cause spikes up to 50-100% and FPS drops. At the same time, Intel dsa may be having problems with the latest version of Windows 10, so it is likely that some users are experiencing high CPU usage randomly.

    Why is my CPU suddenly at 100%?

    Malware or a virus on your computer can also cause the 100% CPU usage issue. So try running a quick scan for viruses, spyware or Trojans on your computer. If your PC’s anti-virus software detects viruses or Trojans, you should remove them immediately.

    Fortunately, customers have found a solution to a simple problem: remove the Intel software or update it cumulatively and then temporarily pause updates. As always, before uninstalling an update for the last time, be sure to save the above first and be careful with these security changes to help you implement them.

    Perhaps Intel and Microsoft are already aware of their shortcomings and are working on fixinga change that will be applied automatically to Windows Update or Intel DSA.


    Many Windows system processes may be considered essential for a secure and fully functional PC. Wuauserv is arguably one of the most important of these. This service (also known as the Windows Update service) keeps your PC up to date with the latest feature releases and therefore bug fixes.

    Like ntoskrnl.exe and other important system services, wuauserv sometimes needs to access your system resources. Unfortunately, this inevitably assumes that you visit wuauserv from time to time to report high CPU usage. If this happens to you and you are looking for a solution, here is what you should do.

    Why Is Wuauserv Causing High CPU Usage?

    Why does Windows Update take so much CPU?

    Schnell users report an increase in shopping experienceSorov. Two updates were released this quarter: the Windows 10 December Update and the Driver intel & Software Assistant update. The issue can be caused by a DSAService update (DSAService.exe caller), FPS spikes and drops around 50-100%.

    Windows update servers (or wuauserv), as the name suggests, are responsible for updating your Windows computer. Urgent protection. Bugs and fixes, as well as new and system enhancement features, have always been available through the Windows Update system.

    Normally, Windows will take care of these updates even if you don’t know it, so from time to time you might want to fix a stuck update. However, if such Wuauserv processes are linked in the middle of the process (for example, wuauclt.exe), and the task manager reports high CPU usage for some time, this may indicate some problems with your PC that need to be fixed. more.Alt=”” Loading=”lazy”


    For people, this may mean that an update will be installed soon. You just have to put it off. It could also indicate issues with updates never getting installed properly, but in fact you might have corrupted system files that could cause Wie dienste wuauserv to not work properly.Alt=””

    Can I end service host Windows Update?

    Host: Service network important is a Win 10 program that contains the necessary updates for your laptop. If you unfortunately don’t want to update your laptop, you can uninstall it. Once you disable it, these essential updates for your laptop will probably not be downloaded.

    In this case, you need to check and restore system directories or, in the worst case, factory restore Windows 10. If your computer is having problems, you should certainly consider upgrading your computer to increase its processing power.< /p>

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